Security of your tokens is
our primary focus
Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your
Reserve to save more
Users are able to reserve any supported crypto token to
keep the price - the exchange rate - in advance of use.
Support English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese.
Comprehensive crypto
tokens managing tool
Check rates, track transaction record and exchange
tokens — all in one place.
Bringing crypto tokens to
everyday life
Users can use BTH & ETH to obtain goods and services
within our merchant partners.
Exchanging crypto tokens
has never been easier
Share your wallet address to others to make any
transaction via QR code.
Learn more about
Hunter Wallet
What is Hunter Wallet?
Hunter Wallet leads us to a whole new era of managing crypto tokens. It offers a user-friendly platform to accommodate all daily crypto token transactions. Within the ecosystem of the Hunter King Platform, users can exchange crypto tokens and transact payments through Hunter Wallet. It makes crypto token payment and settlement more convenient and secure. All transactions complete in seconds without transaction fee. Merchants can freely decide payment in crypto token or cash. More importantly, Hunter Wallet is home to decentralized applications where users’ personal information are highly protected.
Is Hunter Wallet safe and secure?
Yes, Hunter Wallet is highly safe and secured. Your crypto token data is not stored on servers. Your private key is not kept by us nor in anywhere else but in your own wallet. Your assets within is under your full control. In other words, all digital assets in the wallet shall not be stolen from the internet. Do not share passwords or passphrases to others nor allow any unauthorized access to funds. Please keep your passwords and passphrases in a secure place.
Is there any fee to use Hunter Wallet?
The goal of Hunter Wallet is to offer free and convenience on day-to-day cryp token payment on your fingertip. However fee may occur in the exchange service and deposit/withdraw funds. The amount of fee is respective to the type of crypto token involved. The geographical distance or time zone does not affect the amount of transaction fee.
Can I deposit FIAT (USD, EUR, etc) into Hunter Wallet?
Hunter wallet does not accept FIAT money or debit/credit cards since it is a digital assets management tool. Users are able to withdraw their digital assets from their own wallet and trade on the normal exchange platform.
Can I remit funds to multiple addresses in a single transaction?
No, but  this feature might be included with Hunter Wallet in a future version.
Can Hunter Wallet be utilized offline?
No. Without an internet connection, the balance and some functions will not work properly. Hence, please ensure that you have a decent internet connection when using Hunter Wallet.
Can I delete my address?
No. The address to your wallet cannot be deleted. But access can be removed by uninstalling the wallet application.
Can I delete my wallet?
No. The wallet cannot be deleted, but Hunter Wallet can be uninstalled from your device to prevent further access.
Can I create multiple wallets on a single device?
Yes. Hunter Wallet supports multiple wallets.